HAOS is a martial arts system that specializes in the study, practice and application of combat for the purpose of self-mastery.

This discipline teaches a method of fighting that combines striking, takedowns, grappling, melee weapons, strategies and tactics. The technical program is accompanied by training in physical fitness, combat psychology and martial doctrine. The system implements a hybrid training methodology based on multiple martial arts styles and numerous complementary fields of knowledge.

HAOS aims to build a community of individuals that strive to achieve excellence in combat, assist others through the martial arts and uphold a traditional code of conduct in daily life.


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Founder of HAOS

Vladimir has over twenty years of experience in martial arts and has taught students consistently for over a decade. He has worked with numerous martial arts teachers, self-defense instructors and competitive fighters, all who have given him the inspiration and the drive to create HAOS. Vladimir holds black belts in full-contact Japanese Karate, Israeli Krav Maga and Filipino Martial Arts. A lifelong student, he continues to train in other combat arts such as MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and A.C.T. Armed Combat & Tactics. Vladimir extends his passion by teaching anyone who wishes to better themselves through the martial arts.

Q1: Do I need previous experience in martial arts to train HAOS? 

A: No. The only thing new students require to start is the desire to learn martial arts. 

Q2: Do I need to be in shape before I start training HAOS? 

A: No. You should not postpone your martial arts training out of fear that you need to be physically fit. Our sessions are effective at getting you in shape. Moreover, we can help speed up the process by offering our students physical fitness programs and nutritional coaching to help them reach their goals.

Q3: Can I join HAOS anytime?

A: Yes. We have ongoing public and private classes available. Your first session will be an introduction to the basics of HAOS martial arts.

Q4: What do I need for my first HAOS class?

A: New students should wear comfortable clothing such as sweatpants, t-shirt and running shoes. Do not forget to bring a water bottle. 

Q5: Is HAOS a self-defense system?

Self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending yourself from harm and legally justifying that use of force. HAOS could be used for self-defense depending on the laws of your country but the system teaches combat for the purpose of self-mastery.