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HAOS Health & Fitness Resolution 2023

Good morning everyone,

2023 is upon us.

I want to start next year on the right foot and have clear goals for all HAOS students.

One of these goals is fitness.

I cannot begin to describe how easier it will be for all of you to perfect techniques once a good level of physical fitness is achieved.

*** STEP 1 ***

I would like all of you to use the HAOS RFE to test yourselves on the 2nd of January and mark down your score.

Only by marking down where you stand now can we track your progress and establish realistic goals.

The test lasts only 15 minutes and has been engineered for HAOS.

Download the PDF format here:

Watch the YouTube demonstration here:

*** STEP 2 ***

Make a plan on how to improve. In 90 days, we will do the evaluation again.

If you need help, come see me! It will be my pleasure to design something personalized for you if required.

Share your score with us by putting it in our HAOS Community group! We are all friends here and train together. Let’s help and support each other in this endeavor.

*** STEP 3 ***

Get others involved and help HAOS grow by sharing this challenge!

If you know anyone looking to make a real change this upcoming year do the test with them and invite them to class.

As always, I am here for questions.


Vladimir Alexandru

Order of HAOS

Martial Arts School West Island

Self-Defense West Island


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