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HAOS - The Law of the People

After having a lighthearted conversation with a student about various types of hilarious reprimands for minor offenses (such as being late to class or forgetting personal equipment), I have realized that a revision needs to be done to our existing system.

Currently, if a student forgets an item, the entire class (student included) performs 10 push-ups.

However, I now feel that reprimanding the student in this way defeats the purpose of the lesson.

The lesson here being that forgetfulness and lateness will affect not only your progress, but the progress of others as well.

So, we will change the variables.

If a student:

1. forgets personal equipment. (knife, protection googles, gloves…etc.)

2. comes late to class (is not present at line up)

The entire class does 10 push-ups, EXCEPT for the offending student.

We shall call this, the Law of the People.

This will act as a reminder that we are a community.

Your fellow students depend on your punctuality and your attentiveness so they too can benefit from the highest level of training.

Without each other, there is no training.

And if, one day, all of you forget a piece of equipment, then I will do the push-ups, because clearly I have failed to instill the trait of punctuality and the state of readiness in you.

The Law of the People takes effect February 1st 2023.

Looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday!


Vladimir Alexandru

Order of HAOS

Martial Arts School West Island

Self-Defense West Island


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